Pont de Val will be opening The Winery towards the end of 2019. Apart from an actual winery, the property will include a food market, large riverside picnic facilities and a boutique shopping village. The village will comprise of 21 units, 7 of which will be self-catering suites on the first floor, 5 of which will be food & beverage outlets operated by Pont de Val, and 9 units are available for rental. Conservative projections suggest 100 000+ patrons will visit the property annually. Art, furniture, crafts, indoor/outdoor decor, antiques, clothing, books, jewellery and the like are types of outlets Pont de Val is looking to rent a space. Food and beverage businesses will unfortunately not be accepted.

To apply see the layout and pricing below, and then click on the Apply Now button at the bottom of the page.

The rental amounts below also includes security, building maintenance and a common area levy. Water & lights are excluded in the price below and will be billed separately. Shop-fitting to be done by the tenant at the tenant's expense in line with Pont de Val's aesthetic guidelines. Units include hot & cold water points, plug points, ceiling lights, stackable glass doors, alarm, wifi point (data not included).

Shop NumberSize (Square Meters)Rent Per Month
16,25 R2 616 (VAT Incl.)
218 R7 535 (VAT Incl.)
3a29,6 R11 950 (VAT Incl.)
3b26,3 R10 870 (VAT Incl.)
420 R8 372 (VAT Incl.)
5a21,54 R8 890 (VAT Incl.)
5b21,54 R8 890 (VAT Incl.)
614 R5 860 (VAT Incl.)
714 R5 860 (VAT Incl.)
85 R2 093 (VAT Incl.)
954 R24 143 (VAT Incl.)