Guided Fly-fishing at Pont de Val

Terry Babich is Pont de Val's official fly-fishing guide. He is an experienced guide who will be concentrating of guiding for Smallmouth Yellowfish and Mudfish at Pont de Val, but can also be booked for Catfish, Carp, Grasscarp and Trout. Terry is well versed in Czech Nymphing and other modern day Nymphing styles. Giving a client a good chance of catching fish and learning new styles and techniques for targeting these indigenous species of fish that are unique to the Vaal River system. Bookings for guided days at Pont De Val can be made directly with Terry at or by cell phone 0838676423.

Customised guiding packages can be made meeting all the clients specific guiding needs, be it for technical advancement or just for the pleasures of catching a fish or two. The great thing about Pont de Val as a venue is that the family can join for a fun filled day using their facilities.