Invest in a holiday home at Pont de Val that you can call your own, but with shared property ownership, the best part is you only pay for when you use it. This means you have all the lifestyle benefits of luxurious second home for breakaways without the high costs surrounding such a luxury.

How? Unlike timeshare concepts, shared property ownership means you don't just buy time or points, but you in fact OWN a share in the legal entity to which the physical property belongs. More than only a lifestyle benefit, a share is an investment, and as the property increases in value so does your share.



With its unique lifestyle offering, Pont de Val is fast establishing itself as the exclusive weekend breakaway destination for Gauteng's elite. Away from the Jozi rush but closer and more convenient than Cape Town, Pont de Val. is a popular venue for holiday makers, weddings, business events and day visitors.


Through shared ownership you are not only investing in an unrivalled getaway for the family but in a growing development and brand. Having your own piece of Pont de Val means that after each leisure-filled day you can retreat to your own home just a few minutes stroll from the winery, restaurant, spa, shopping village, picnic park, boats, bakery, open-air exercise group or other SEE MORE HERE. 



There are 12 shares available per shared ownership property. You can own more than one share and a share is bought once-off for life.

Each share entitles you to 4 weeks a year usage of the property  1 week in each season. The share means you own part of the legal entity which the unit itself belongs to. The 4 unused weeks a year are used for maintenance and upgrades.

The property is professionally managed for you by the appointed managing agent, which means the security, maintenance, cleaning and gardening are all taken care of.

The shareholder calendar is managed by this same professional securing you a week in each season, which is adjusted annually to make sure all owners get the best possible use of the property year on year.

Furniture and equipment is replaced as needed due to wear and tear.




A share means you own part of a professionally managed fully-furnished property, and can use the property for 4 weeks a year, but it means you enjoy the following:


ONE: Access to the property's beautiful and exclusive riverfront

with its boat launch, play park and bomas, reserved only for property owners and is out of bounds for other day visitors and hospitality guests.

TWO: Usage of the house's 15hp boat (No skipper's license required)

THREE: Ongoing complimentary membership to PontPremiere with all it's privileges and access - see the benefits HERE



There are of course monthly costs to ensure the property is managed for you keeping it a hassle-free getaway. These costs cover:

Water & Lights, security, estate common area upkeep, property maintenance, cleaning, pool service, garden service, fibre Internet and management fee.

This will also include the house cleaning before arrival. During the stay it includes a basic cleaning service on a daily basis.