Beyond The Glass

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“Wine can of their wits the wise beguile, Make the sage frolic, and the serious smile,” wrote the Greek Poet, Homer. Drop the word ‘wine’ into a conversation and that little noun will inevitably evoke a response, one that demonstrates our long and close relationship with this enigmatic elixir. Wine has been humanity’s companion and confidante since ancient times. Yet wine and the art of winemaking symbolise something that transcends the drink itself. Wine is poetry, a tribute to the … Read More

From Cape to Freestate: In Search of The Perfect Pinotage

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On an early autumn day in a Stellenbosch vineyard 1300km south of Pont de Val, the grapes that will find their way into our Freestate Winery are being harvested. Five months ago, seven tonnes of beautiful, tightly clustered, dark purple Pinotage were being handpicked and prepared for their journey north. This high quality and uniquely South African grape variety is destined to become Pont de Val winery’s first vintage, and things are looking very promising. Having made enquiries with various … Read More