PONT DE VAL WINERY is the ideal escape for a day away from the city. The Winery is where we make wine but more than that it is home to the picnic park, bakery, deli, pizzeria and the quaint Village de Pont.



Winemaker Peter Lyster directs the wine production at Pont de Val. Low volumes of approx. 6000 - 7000 bottles a year allows Peter to give the wine extra attention as it goes through the various stages of the wine making process. Pont de Val wines are hearty wines beautifully shaped by the South African Terroir and Peter's delicate hands-on approach and respect for the wine.

Apart from wine making, Pont de Val Winery is home to one of the most appealing picnic spots in South Africa.
With a picnic park, bakery, deli, pizzeria, wine shoppe, bars, ice cream parlour, coffee shoppe, and a variety of quaint village style decor, art and clothing boutiques,
Pont de Val Winery is a step back in time and away from the rush of city life for a fantastique day out. See entrance fees here or click below for more info picnicking.